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How to Prevent Freezing Pipes


Sometimes the brisk Autumn temperatures can drop with little warning, then we Midwesterners are left with temperatures so cold, the air starts to bite.  But, before the mercury drops too low everybody should be concerned about taking care of our pipes! You need…

What Is Earnest Money?


[caption id="attachment_2552" align="alignnone" width="1024"] Real Estate Term - What is Earnest Money by Shelley B Realtor Springfield IL. The Real Estate Group[/caption] What is the Earnest Money deposit and why is it necessary?  Sometimes, we Realtors throw terms around as…

7 Steps To Take Before You Buy A Home


Most folks who are thinking about buying a home are slightly intimidated by the fact they are about to sign themselves up for a mortgage payment that will extend a few decades.  So let us dive in and relieve some tension…